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Cryptocurrencies have been changing our world. HermesPay wants to help bring cryptocurrencies to everyday life and change the way we use money. We believe in building bridges between traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies, so everyone can use them in their everyday life.

We are committed to deliver a suite of innovative crypto payment products and trading tools that will facilitate the cutting-edge usability, speed, and advanced security of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to introduce cryptocurrencies to a wider audience and make them more accessible and easy to use in every day transactions. Our crypto solutions are tailored to both individuals and merchants and are developed to help both users and businesses exchange, pay and get paid, store and manage their cryptocurrencies in a manner that is both secure, compliant and user-friendly.

Making Crypto Safe and Useful to Everyone

The invention of Blockchain in 2009 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto was motivated by a desire to eliminate what he saw as the weaknesses of traditional payment systems: high transaction costs, the possibility of fraud and the reliance on financial instututions serving as trusted third parties. Since then, Bitcoin took the world by storm and spurred new research, developments in blockchain, digital assets and decentralised economies. The cryptocurrency heralded a new age of global asset digitisation and grabbed institutional investors’ and financial companies’ attention.

HermesPay believes in the power of innovation and wants to take this revolution in the financial ecosystem to the next level. Our goal is to facilitate the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by individuals and businesses. As a pioneer and leader in the crypto market, HermesPay wants to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto, empower private and instututional clients and open the path towards adoption and investment in cryptocurrencies, in a way that is compliant and banking-friendly.

HermesPay delivers a reliable and secure crypto payment system and is backed by a leading Swedish financial institution with more than 4 decades of experience and trustworthiness in the Scandinavian market.

HermesPay is based on 4 foundational blocks: Security, Speed, Compliance & Product. We have built strong foundations and solid partnerships with industry experts in order to provide our clients with a valuable crypto payment and trading solution that will last for years to come. We are a professional team dedicated to its partners and clients with the sole purpose of offering the best experience in crypto.

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